Below, you'll find all the opportunities we offer for students to connect to one another and to the Lord. 

Check us out!

9:30 AM

Sunday AM

Meet us at 9:30 in the youth room upstairs to hang out, enjoy each other, and hear from God together. 

We are walking through the basics of the Christian faith. We will answer questions like: Who is Jesus? What is baptism? What is sin? and more! 

5 PM

Sunday PM

Join us at 5 PM in the youth room upstairs for a laid-back time of Bible Study and maybe even a game of volleyball or basketball in the gym afterward! 

Join us as we walk through the book of Philippians together. This will be a time full of discussion, questions, truth and laughs!

6:30 PM

Wednesday PM

Our Midweek is a gathering for students in grades 6-12. We hang out in the gym, playing volleyball, basketball, or just chatting together. When we start our service, a student will share their testimony, our student band will lead us in worship, and we will dismiss to Discipleship groups where 3-5 students and a leader will offer encouragement, accountability, and do life together. 

Come join us!